Selected mcqs to students

First Tawaf on presence at Kabba These practice questions help the student develop enough confidence and become an expert in each and every subject.

Writing Good Multiple Choice Test Questions

Hazrat Abu Baker Siddique Get bonus points on every point purchase. How many Sajdas are in Salat-e-Janaza? Ghazwa a Tabuk was fought: In which Surah Hajj has been commanded?

Field Marshal Lord Auchinleck Zakat is payable on gold of……. Injunction of utilization of zakat is in which Surah? When Azan was started? Jang e Ohad was fought: Which mosque was built first of all in Islam? Namaz-e-Istasqa is a prayer for……Rain Literally Jihad means To strive hard Who was the second one?

How can we construct good multiple-choice items? What is atonement for breaking the Fast? Two specific Surahs of Quran Imam Dar ul Hijrat is the title of: This exam is delayed by a year due to several reasons. Who said that there was no difference between Salat and Zakat?

Score of students was entered in descending order and whole group was divided in three groups. Which Surah starts without Bismillah? How may buffaloes render are to pay zakat? Ummayia bin Khalaf I did not join any academy as it is only waste of money and time. Eid prayer is a Wajib Each test question will have multiple choices, precisely choose the right answer.

Chapter MCQ Mock tests are simulated tests that resemble a real testing environment.

Things you must-do after every mock CAT you take

When Wazoo was ordered? Under the Partition agreement how many Sherman tanks were to be given to Pakistan? When viewed in relation of difficulty level of questions, DE was high And trust me I was a mediocre student. The Salat Witr is a part of….

Formulated under the guidance of experienced teachers, the question back offers the student all possible questions to prepare well for the examination. Aitekaf during the month of Ramzan is Wajib Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 15 On 1 October 20X4, Pyramid Co acquired 80% of Square Co’s 9 million equity shares.

At the date of acquisition, Square Co had an item of plant which had a fair value of $3m in excess of its carrying amount. At the date of acquisition it had a useful life of five years. Selected MCQs of Biology for NEET Medical Entrance Exam Written by Naveen Gulati NEET question paper contains questions out of which 90 are from Biology itself making it the most important subject out of Physics, Chemistry & (+91) May 25,  · Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are frequently used to assess students in different educational streams for their objectivity and wide reach of coverage in less time.

However, the MCQs to be used must be of quality which depends upon its difficulty index (DIF I), discrimination index (DI) and distracter efficiency (DE). Plausible alternatives serve as functional distractors, which are those chosen by students that have not achieved the objective but ignored by students that have achieved the objective.

There is little difference in difficulty, discrimination, and test score reliability among items containing two, three, and four distractors. View Homework Help - Tutorial 1 Practice MCQs Student Copy from BU at James Cook University Singapore.

Tutorial 1 Student Copy MCQ Quiz for Practice Based on Session 2 & Chapters 3, 6 (pp). Dear Sir, I'm very thankful to you, because of your videos on current affairs I could have performed very well in my 70min interview (SSB) and got selected.

Selected mcqs to students
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