In the article the nacirema the subjects of horace miner s famous essay on body rituals are

From time to time the medicine men come to their clients and jab magically treated needles into their flesh. If this can be established, a very interesting pattern emerges, for most of the population shows definite masochistic tendencies.

As these magical materials are specific for certain ills, and the real or imagined maladies of the people are many, the charm-box is usually full to overflowing.

The more elaborate ceremonies required to treat very sick patients can only be performed at this temple. A few women afflicted with almost inhuman hypermammary development are so idolized that they make a handsome living by simply going from village to village and permitting the natives to stare at them for a fee.

As part of this ceremony, women bake their heads in small ovens for about an hour. This is because, quite often, visits to the dentist are indeed torturous. In the original glimpse of this culture, Miner describes, without any pretense of intimacy, several practices that our culture habitually practices.

At other times they insert magic wands in the supplicant's mouth or force him to eat substances which are supposed to be healing. The fact that these temple ceremonies may not cure, and may even kill the neophyte, in no way decreases the people's faith in the medicine men. Intercourse is taboo as a topic and scheduled as an act.

It seems that this is a common practice for all who are a part of the culture, indicating that although we find it necessary to visit the medicine men regularly, we all seem to believe that we understand the rituals of our own body better than those who have made a study of human physiology.

Nacirema Thinking

His analysis portrays himself and the reader as superior, civilized beings studying this tribe, which creates a distance and differentiation leading to comparison.

Despite the fact that these people are so punctilious [ 6 ] about care of the mouth, this rite involves a practice which strikes the uninitiated stranger as revolting. I was able, however, to establish sufficient rapport with the natives to examine these shrines and to have the rituals described to me.

When pregnant, women dress so as to hide their condition. Miner uses his style of writing to prove his apparent point that Americans are ethnocentric.

Horace Miner – Nacirema Tribe Location

This baptism is generally performed daily, but some disbelievers perform this ritual weekly or even monthly whether they need it or not.

While such a concern is certainly not unusual, its ceremonial aspects and associated philosophy are unique. Still other rites are used to make women's breasts larger if they are small, and smaller if they are large. However, the medicine men do not provide the curative potions for their clients, but decide what the ingredients should be and then write them down in an ancient and secret language."Body Ritual among the Nacirema" Horace Miner before which the body rituals are conducted, will in some way protect the worshiper.famous cultural anthropologist best known for his argument that people everywhere share common biological and psychological needs and that the function of all cultural institutions is to fulfill such.

“Body Rituals Among the Nacirema, “ by Horace Miner, is an essay written about the Nacirema, or American people, from an outsider’s perspective.

Body Ritual among the Nacirema by Horace Miner Essay Sample

Jan 07,  · They were first “discovered” and “studied by Horace Miner in Home» Organizational Culture Analysis» Case Analysis: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. Case Analysis: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. we all seem to believe that we understand the rituals of our own body better than those who have made a study of.

Body Ritualls of the Nacirema essaysIn Horace Miner's essay "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema," he uses an interesting way of describing some rituals that Americans do.

He portrays Americans as a tribe that go through their daily life by performing painful and torturous rituals to the.

Body Rituals of the Nacirema

In Horace Miner’s article, “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema”, he talks about a tribe and describes their odd behavior.

He tells about how the tribe performs these strange daily rituals and how their peculiarity is extreme, but in fact he is actually speaking of Americans as a whole (Miner). “Body Rituals among the Nacirema” is an article written by Horace Miner about a group of people, the Nacirema, and their everyday functions or rituals.

Miner relates the culture, practices, values, and beliefs of a seemingly exotic and strange tribe.

In the article the nacirema the subjects of horace miner s famous essay on body rituals are
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