Ielts academic writing task 2 tutorial

The line graph delineates the proportion of male and female employees in three different sectors in Australia between and There is also, however, a strong argument not to implement this proposal.

So, in your planning stage you should have a roadmap for the introduction, each paragraph and the conclusion. Some students prefer to write the 'General Trend' in a separate paragraph and many teachers suggest the both to be written in a single paragraph.

The 5 areas are: Remember that Task 2 gives more to your final writing band and so you should make sure that you have enough time after Task 1 to properly answer Task 2. How much you produce on each part depends on how important you think it is. Look at this section on paragraphing.

Lexical Resource This area looks at the your choice of words. It is worth noticing that Another disadvantage is that learning through distance courses can not necessarily qualify an individual.

Killers deserve nothing less. I hope you feel that this section is easier to understand than the one below!!

IELTS Sample essays (IELTS Writing Task 2)

Some crimes deserve it. For a longer section on paragraphing and how useful it can be, see Academic Writing Task 2 Tutorial. Very often there will be more than 1 part to the question; sometimes even 3 or 4 parts.

Cohesion is how your writing fits together. All the conclusion needs is three or four strong sentences, which do not need to follow any set formula. You may have to present and justify your opinion about something, give the solution to a problem or compare differing ideas or viewpoints.

Consequently, the people within local communities are no longer forming close or supportive relationships. It can be clearly observed that An example of bad coherence and cohesion would be as follows: If you write less than words, the examiner marking your paper will give you a maximum of 5 for Arguments, Ideas and Evidence or even less.

Businesses could not outperform rivals by sharing too much insider information. Many people are worried about their grammar but, as you can see, grammar is only one section of four used to grade your writing. Then give the main issue or issues that you intend to bring into your answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2: How to write an introduction

Local development through tourism can negatively affect the social environment. The example below should illustrate what we have been discussing here.One of the basic human rights that people exercise freely nowadays is the right to information. The advent of information technology paved the way for us to make information, whether from scientific research, business and academic world, more accessible.

The Writing test takes 60 minutes.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2: Everything You Need To Know

There are two tasks to complete. Task 1: It is suggested that about 20 minutes is spent on Task 1, which requires candidates to write at least words. Task 2: This task requires at least words and should take about 40 2 contributes twice as much as Task 1 to the Writing score.


There are two types of IELTS test to choose from, IELTS Academic or IELTS General test takers take the same Listening and Speaking tests but different Reading and Writing tests.

Make sure that you prepare for the correct version of the test.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 9

The total time allowed for the IELTS Academic Writing test is 60 minutes. Time yourself and allow just one hour to complete both parts of the test. Task 2 contributes twice as much as task 1 to the Writing score.

Writing task. Task 2 in the IELTS Academic Writing Test is more important than task 1.

IELTS Writing Task 1

You have to write more, it’s a more difficult task and it is worth more to your final band for writing as more weight is given to Task 2 than to Task 1. The IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 asks you to write a short essay of a minimum of words.

The essay is usually a discussion of a subject of general interest.

Ielts academic writing task 2 tutorial
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