How to write a pitch for a magazine article

Clips demonstrate that a writer has been published before, and is capable of writing well. Identify the specific audience that may find the article interesting. Editors are always looking for new talent. Find a fresh angle.

But it never happened that way. How about paying me to go on an expensive trip to rummage through the trunk and hopefully I'll come back with a gold medallion. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. Introduce yourself and your brand in a sentence or two.

Every issue had a certain lineup of departments, and once each magazine department was filled, he was done hiring writers for that issue. See the Scent Marketing pitch for a good example. Know Your Customer The best place to start is with a clear understanding of your customer.

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Studying each magazine department The first thing to look for when studying a magazine is to identify, for any given department, who is writing the material. I try not to let good pitches or writers go astray, and I think most magazine editors walk the same line.

He could have taken each rejection personally, as a slight against his work. The first paragraph should show the magazine you can write in a compelling style. There are more subtle mistakes, too, the ones we all make as writers who are passionate about the stories we choose: Do you ever read features in magazines and think, "Hey, I could have written that!

There was more work ahead. I recently got an email from a writer whose application was rejected by a content marketing agency. Pinterest shares Do you ever wonder how magazines and blogs find all of the products that they feature in their articles? If you receive too many results, include the publication name or city.

Most of them actually end up in a spam folder or one of the "promotion" tabs in my Gmail. Remember that editors and bloggers are always in need of content to feed to their readers. The first step he took, and arguably the most important step, was carefully studying the Vice website.

Create the Pitch It goes without saying that your pitch should have perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Does the idea closely fit what they publish? Going on for more than a page.

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You can usually at least get the proper email format there. For an editor, finding a pitch that makes it all the way to the pages of his or her glossy magazine is like being a highroller in Vegas.

The editor was giving me a chance to place my story and make a sale. If you have customized a pitch and learned a bit about the writer, so you're not just sending mass emails to total strangers, then there's a good chance I'll read your pitch.

Make sure you do it! Some topics are covered again and again.

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And I probably only pitch one in five or one in ten of the stories I start researching. Schwartzman covers Alaska tourism and the cruise industry for consumer and industry publications. One last word of advice on your email pitches: A call to action to trigger the editor to respond to you.

The next paragraph should be the nut graf - the "why we care about this story. She takes you through the entire process, from coming up with the idea to turning in the finished piece. Summarize the idea in two sentences and ask the editor to email you back if he'd like a full pitch.

What has worked for you and what hasn't? If you were to stumble across an article about this elsewhere, would you want to read it?

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But be careful if you try to stretch the truth. Such as exclusive access, domain-level expertise, or a unique perspective? Remind the editor what question you'll be answering and why the answer is important to the magazine's audience.Writing for parenting magazines can be a very lucrative business if you find the right sources and are able to pitch well.

Parenting copies require extensive research because elements of this topic are changing daily – literally. If you can pitch an idea, project, recipe, product or article from your blog and it gets featured on the company’s website or magazine, you have opened the door to thousands and sometimes millions of new followers and it was all for free!

In this class targeted toward budding writers, learn how to come up with irresistable article ideas, how to get the attention of busy editors, how to target the right publication, and how to craft the pitch. Feb 04,  · 2. Put it on down everything you’d want a prospective employer to know about your skills, accomplishments and work experiences that are relevant to your target position.

Good Housekeeping’s footprint—including the monthly magazine, and international editions—is among one of the largest multi-platform brands in the world, connecting with over 40 million women each month.

7 Tips for Pitching Magazine Articles to Editors. If you’re new to freelance writing, read 5 Things You Need to Know About Writing for Magazines. Don’t hesitate to email the editor your pitch.

I only pitch my queries to magazines via email.

How to write a pitch for a magazine article
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