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It will cost exorbitantly!. Hence it is more efficient and faster. This provides high performance. They specify the logical link between two systems. For example, all of us can speak English.

All other requirements stipulated in the guidelines document shall be applicable to these insurers. Even if one link fails, the connectivity is not completely disconnected.

This is possible because of multiplexing. However, in reality this is the average amount that the service provider will allow you to transmit. Then is it the Bandwidth?

In case of intermediaries and other regulated entries with whom the policyholder information is being shared, it would be the responsibility of insurers to ensure that adequate mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the issues related to information and cyber security are addressed.

Steps to Protect against Phishing. So if you have only Cisco routers, how will you connect your routers and network to others? However CHAP is the preferred protocol as it is a 3 way handshake protocol.

We know that there is no way to lay a cable all the way to Singapore!

Cisa Exam Notes – Wan Essay Sample

The only problem with hub and spoke topology is that, in case the router at the HO is failed, then none of the branch offices can communicate each other. I finished the exam in about an hour and a half of the four hours allotted. It has only one serial interface. All that we know. All the first branch offices are connected each other.

This may be the encapsulation solution of choice for you over HDLC. Vital functions can be performed manually only for a short period of time. But I know French and Mr. Share your questions and experiences in the comments. The delivery of the kbps is guaranteed.

WANs generally carry a variety of traffic types such as voice, data and video. For instance, you can install two firewalls from two different manufactures. If cost is no object, it is really the best choice. Let us try to understand Frame Relay. Remember the following diagram?

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Both the offices are connected via a frame relay connectivity. Like that, the Frame Relay connectivity is provided to you on the assumption that all the customers will not send data constantly so that some portion of the bandwidth will always free and can be used by other customers.

However, if both the routers are of the same vendor i.Intro to Wan. Topics: X The WAN Essay The WAN A natural Cisa Exam Notes between your Head office located in Chennai and the Branch office in Singapore?

What are all the possibilities and whom to approach? We know that there is no way to lay a cable all the way to Singapore! ISACA > Certification > CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor > Prepare for the CISA Exam > Study Materials CISA Study Materials ISACA recommends numerous materials in various languages to assist you in studying for the CISA certification exam.

Cisa Exam Notes – Wan Essay Sample

WAN technologies generally function at the lower three layers of the OSI reference model: the physical layer, the data link layer, and the network layer. Figure illustrates the relationship between the common WAN technologies and the OSI model.

Cisa Exam Notes – Wan Essay Sample.

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Local Area Network can be easily understood since typically every office has a LAN. One could personally see the switches connecting various computer nodes and may be a router to which the switches are connected. Oct 12,  · The questions on the CISA exam are often ambiguous and subjective, and many candidates complain sample questions offered by ISACA are vague and not relevant to the standards on the actual written R Bhargav.

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Benefits: These notes aim to help you develop all the important points that are required to answer the real exam questions. This is a collection of essential notes for CISA(certified information system auditor).3/5(13).

Cisa exam notes wan essay
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