Christmas writing assignments for 4th grade

Have an idea you want to share? What would it be like if Walt Disney was your father or grandfather?

Fourth Grade Christmas Worksheets and Printables

Would you like to have extra snow days if it meant you had more days at the end of the year? This set of resources includes first draft worksheets, Grinch flip book templates shown abovea 5 page bulletin board display banner shown abovea crossword puzzle, rhyming word puzzle, and maze worksheet.

Write a personal narrative describing the best Christmas you have ever had. Write a letter to your school principal arguing for or against Christmas parties.

How did you feel? Below is a short video about the life of Rosa Parks from the Biography Channel. Check out this giant bundle! December Calendar Set Christmas Theme My free December calendar set is designed to fit inside monthly calendar pocket charts that many teachers use.

Middle School and Beyond Write a persuasive paragraph to convince a skeptic that Santa Claus really does exist. Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in many countries around the world.

On Just Disney students can read a biography and view photographs of Walt Disney. Write a story in which you go to audition for one of these shows. What would it be like to be famous at an early age? Christmas Story Starters Abiah struggled to keep his eyes open as he sat under the night sky watching his father's sheep.

Fourth Grade Writing Worksheets and Printables

Think about last Christmas. Kwanzaa features activities such as lighting a candle holder with seven candles and ends with a feast and gift giving.

Click the link below to download this free December calendar set. Rosa Park's quiet and courageous act of defiance became an important symbol of the Civil Rights Movement and the resistance to racial segregation. Imagine that you were one of the shepherds who heard the angel announce the birth of the Christ child.

Fourth Grade Writing Worksheets and Printables

If you were a Christmas tree, how would you want to be decorated? What if Rudolph had a green nose? Your students will enjoy designing a project about Rosa Parks using these unique templates. How did you feel? This Christmas I hope… How many Christmas gifts do you think a child your age should get?

Grandpa Joe sat all alone in his living room.

73 4th Grade Writing Prompts

Have an idea you want to share? Upper Elementary Grades Interview a grandparent or elderly neighbor to learn about their childhood Christmases. What is the most beautiful piece of music that you have ever listened to?

20 Christmas Writing Prompts

Write a description of Christmas morning at your house. We must have a room -- a closet, anything. They are sure to put your students in a festive mood. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. The best thing to do on Christmas day Have you been naughty or nice this year?

What would Jack Frost do if he lived in Hawaii? How did Rosa Parks show that she was courageous?The holiday season is a fun time to mix up elementary writing practices with some Christmas-themed writing ideas.

The journal prompts and writing ideas listed below range from the imaginative ideas of Santa and his reindeer to the nostalgic reflections on their own family traditions.

Fourth grade Christmas worksheets and printables are perfect for kids who want to draw, read, and write their way to an educational holiday. Help your child exercise his knowledge of parts of speech, geometry, and vocabulary with these fourth grade Christmas worksheets.

I hope that this listing of 4th-grade writing prompts was inspiring and useful to you and your students, children, and special kids. BONUS: 11 Expository Writing Prompts for 4th Graders. Describe how things will be different for you in middle school when you have a locker to put your things in.

Prompts involving zombies, volcanoes, and secret passageways will get the creative juices flowing, while other skills-focused worksheets will help them use alliteration, add vivid details, organize their thoughts, craft strong arguments and sentence frames, and learn how to polish their writing.

Christmas Writing Activities for Kids Look no further for a writing activity accompanied by a cute crafted reindeer, elf, Santa, gingerbread man or Grinch. Kids will surely find inspiration to write after creating a craft or two. Christmas Writing Prompts: Kindergarten/First Grade.

Design your own Christmas card. Make a Christmas wish list. Make a Christmas memory quilt square by drawing a picture of your favorite Christmas memory and writing a sentence about it. Paste.

81 Christmas Elementary Writing & Journal Prompts Download
Christmas writing assignments for 4th grade
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