Caltech submitting research paper

Articles should be based on research conducted at Caltech or JPL by an undergraduate from any university, or by a Caltech undergraduate at any university.

Articles should be accessible to a broad audience.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) on Overleaf

You may edit and resubmit requests from this page. Renewing Requests Login to your DocuServe account and under the Checked Out Items, select any material you currently have checked out to you.

Qualifying Exams

Appropriate acknowledgement should be given to these reviewers. Citations CURJ articles don't require inline, footnote, or endnote citations given the target audience. If you have a DOI, you can submit a request that way. Theses - Theses from other institutions could be delivered as a PDF like an article or the lending library could ship the physical copy.

Caltech is need-sensitive in admissions for international students, and this form affirms whether you will apply for financial aid. Renewals are granted solely at the discretion of the lending library and are not guaranteed.

Articles requested through this option should be delivered within minutes. These references should be as accessible as possible to a general audience, but can go into more depth than your article. Academic Preparation Checklist If you have not taken all the listed courses, you should at least be enrolled in them at the time of your application.

Services available through DocuServe: Faculty, staff, graduate students, and Post-docs may be eligible for campus delivery for these items.

Any extra information provided will make it easier to process your request, so please add as much descriptive data as possible in the appropriate fields.

First-Year Application Requirements

RUSH Delivery Service is similar to interlibrary loan but utilizes a 3rd party to provide access to journal articles within minutes. If your article is selected for publication an editor will help you revise your paper to meet this goal.

The style guidelines below are one suggested way to achieve this goal, but they need not be rigidly followed. Abstracts that exceed the word limit will be returned to the student for editing and resubmission.

Please contact DocuServe staff for assistance docuserve [at] library.Does Caltech allow research paper to be submitted?

Top-caliber scientists and engineers lead breakthrough research that shifts paradigms, launches new fields, creates technologies, and benefits society.

First-Year Application Requirements

Caltech Library is providing free Overleaf Pro+ accounts for all students, faculty and staff who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects. Overleaf is designed to make the process of writing, editing and producing your research papers and project reports much quicker.

After you submit your Common Application with the Caltech Member Questions, we will send you a link to your Caltech Application Portal.

You may upload additional materials (e.g., a research paper, poster, supplemental information)* through the Portal.


First-Year Application Requirements The following is a list of materials required for a complete application for first-year admission.

If your application is missing any one of these components, it will be considered incomplete. Submit to CURJ To submit an article for publication, please send a full copy (PDF please) to [email protected] accept submissions year-round and encourage submission of well-written and interesting papers in any research field.

Caltech submitting research paper
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