Banned soda rebuttal

It's also important to look at where people acquire such large drinks.

From the NYC Soda Ban Hearing: The Best Arguments For and Against

Not all parents are like your parents. The only thing I agree with is prohibiting ingredients that any child in the classroom is allergic to That is the real problem, the root cause of our obesity.

Then my opponent, in round three says; "my opponent did rightfully point out that he believes obesity is a problem. Now only stop the money if ,as I stated above, the soda drinking is causing some problem like obesity, classroom disruption, etc.

This ban is absolutely absurd in the sense that it is; Violating basic principles of freedom, a large inconvenience to the city and the citizens, and unproductive. The parents have almost complete control over a child's life.

Why the Soda Ban Won't Work

And this is not because banning a product is immoral, but that people who consider their freedoms to be the paragon of all existence will smuggle in soda or brew that crap in their bathtubs just to Banned soda rebuttal a point.

This proposal would only affect restaurants, theaters, and sports venues. It is far from a theory. Around 12 oz of Coke on the other hand has 40g of sugar, Sunny D's sugar output then comes too about If a parent doesn't want his child drinking soda then don't give him money.

Parents can watch their kids all the time, if they home school their children, in which I think soda drinking is acceptable, but only in this case. That problem is the disgusting and base approach to food that our industry has taken. One 12 ounce can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar. Vote Con, it's the right decision.

If something happens to a parents child they have the power to fix it at home. And you don't have the option of buying two eighths if you want either. As an example of a similar proposal, studies have shown that the ban of sodas in schools did not decrease weight gain.

A ban is easy, establishing real solutions in the long term is much more difficult. That's no assault on liberty, it's a sensible restriction on a harmful product. Follow Letitia James on Twitter: This proposal, if passed, might also be struck down. Good thing I didn't base ANY of my argument on that and only mentioned once.

And this was one of many common areas swabbed and tested for bacteria. A solution is to add more healthy nutritional courses available to colleges and universities, since students are introduced into a work related environment, and can manage the skills of time related issues when dieting.

That's why tobacco companies are forbidden from targeting teenagers in ads.The New York soda ban is a non effective plan that will not resolve the issue of obesity.

Second rebuttal- If the mayor wanted to resolve obesity he would have banned all unhealthy food items not just soda.

Banned Soda Rebuttal

In fact, most New Yorkers think the so-called "soda ban"-- which would prohibit the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages over 16 ounces by most food establishments -- is a bad idea. Banned Soda’s Aldo Perez BCOM/ Kevin Harris October 9, Obesity is a major issue in the United States of America.

What defines a person obese is the minimum of thirty percent over their average body weight. Should schools ban junk food? 50% Say Yes 50% Say No Obesity is bad. Yes, schools should ban junk food.

I say this because first of all, our country has the highest rate of obesity, and second of all 60 million (20% of the population) are obese or overweight. Junk food should be banned because it can make you fat and you can get sick from.

Jun 26,  · Court won't reinstate NYC's big-soda ban. Guzzlers prevailed Thursday as New York's highest court refused to reinstate New York City's ban on. Counterpoint A A. Present first counterpoint B. Support first counterpoint V.

Rebuttal A II. The NYC soda ban will in fact prove to be a good thing; obesity is a problem in 88%(8).

Banned soda rebuttal
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